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  • Welcome to the official website of FOSHAN SAYOK PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD.!
    Foshan Sayok Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.Leading the packaging industry, customer demand is the goal
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    SAYOK Mechanical

    Significant effect of safety and energy saving

    packing machine

    [Company advantage]

    Advanced design concept and professional technology, complete processing system, rigorous and thoughtful after-sales service management.

    Foshan Sainuo Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. uses imported components,

    Strictly control the parts in the factory to ensure the quality of each machine,

    Reliable performance and low mechanical failure rate for high-speed packaging products.

    packing machine

    [Product advantages]

    Our products have reached industry standards through continuous improvement and improvement, and we have won many distributors.

    Rely on a wealth of expertise (such as front-end docking packaging system engineering theory) and service experience,

    We can provide accurate product solutions based on our customers' investment and specific requirements.

    packing machine

    [Price advantage]

    We develop our own high-efficiency packaging machinery products to help our customers greatly improve product packaging efficiency and reduce costs;

    R & D product series: pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, automatic material packaging line and related equipment.

    Strictly control the mechanical failure rate so that customers can achieve high-speed packaging products.

    Our product quality has been recognized by the industry.

    packing machine

    [Cooperation and service]

    We will solve all worries for our customers with excellent after-sales service. Once promised, we will live forever.

    For a long time, Sino is committed to “digesting in the era of the game, and asking customers to do what they want”, and is committed to digesting,

    Acquire and master the cutting-edge technology of internationally advanced processing technology and packaging machinery.


    High performance, high quality to meet market demand.


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    Free full installation guide Careful operation trainingExcellent technical support team

    Foshan Sayok Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    Foshan Sayok Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd., located in Foshan, Guangdong, is dedicated to developing and producing various packaging machinery. With advanced R & D concept, professional technology, mature processing system, rigorous QC management system and considerate after-sales service, we have won a good reputation in the industry. With rich industry knowledge and service experience, we can offer our clients one-stop packaging solutions. We welcome you to visit our factory, and talk about business face to face with us. 

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